Our Mission To Our Customers

To provide the highest quality product, excellent customer service, prompt response and delivery at a competitive price.   The result of this effort is not only to "put ink on paper", but to ensure our customers remain the leaders in their markets.

LPC Customer Testimonials

  • "LPC has consistently demonstrated the ability to provide quality work at a competitive price while continuing to meet our customers' demanding schedule.   LPC initially presented themselves as a company that could provide unparalleled quality and customer service.   They have met and exceeded our expectations as a legitimate and valued business partner."
    - Pratt Display

  • "We have been doing business with Lewisburg Printing for several years and have developed a wonderful partnership.   Their prices are very competitive, and their quality is excellent.   Their inside and outside service people are very knowledgeable about their product, and are very eager to help you with whatever your label needs may be."
    - RockTenn

  • "Lewisburg Printing is a company that is large enough to use the latest innovations to provide our company with consistent quality labels at a competitive cost, but small enough to provide the personal attention we need. Their service and quality are exceptional and we can count on them to pull us through the tight deadlines we sometimes encounter. Lewisburg Printing is a company you can depend on."
    - Vietti Foods, a division of Choice Food of America, LLC.

  • "Lewisburg Printing is without question the most responsive and reliable supplier I've ever used, and I've been involved in procurement for 25 years.   You don't know how many times I have told people that, if all my vendors were as good as Lewisburg Printing, I would have no problems.   When I need help from them, I get it - promptly and without having to make a lot of follow up calls.   When they tell me an issue is handled, I know it is handled.
    The poultry business is notorious for sudden schedule changes.   However, despite these frequent and abrupt changes, we have always been able to count on the team at Lewisburg Printing to cover our requirements.   Mark Howell, Crider's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, can attest to the many occasions that Lewisburg Printing prevented costly rework and the rescheduling of our production lines by the timely delivery of labels that had not even been on order the day before."
    - Crider, Inc.