Sustainable development marries two important themes: environmental protection does not preclude economic development, and economic development must be ecologically viable now and in the long run.

Common use of the term "sustainability" began with the 1987 publication of the World Commission on Environment and Development report, Our Common Future.   Also known as the Bruntland Report, this document defined sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."   This concept of sustainability encompasses ideas, aspirations and values that continue to inspire public and private organizations to become better stewards of the environment while promoting positive economic growth and social objectives.   The principles of sustainability can stimulate technological innovation, advance competitiveness and improve our quality of life.

LPC is dedicated to continuous improvement and a proactive effort towards conserving all aspects of the environment, particularly as it relates to our business practices and processes.   Specifically, we approach sustainability with the following goals:

  • Recover 100% of printed production waste for recycling

  • Strive toward achieving the highest level of certification for a better environment

  • Utilize and embrace technology that will drive LPC towards a more environmentally-friendly organization

  • Comply with the criteria established by local, state and national environmental government agencies

  • Be a leader in the printing industry for sustainability initiatives while also providing a competitively priced, high quality product

LPC is committed to the (COC) Chain Of Custody process and practices outlined by each respective standard. LPC commits to the following:

  • Written procedures detailing the process.

  • Progressive and periodic employee training for these processes.

  • Visible commitment by management to staff to the COC process.

  • Continual education of vendors/customers about the COC process and the complexities of paper.

  • Prior to approval of any new procedures, "on product" / "off product" logos, material source vendors, and outsource vendors with the accredited cerfification body and the representative body.