Quality Assurance

The goal of our quality program is to document, control and improve all internal processes to ensure our customers receive goods and services that exceed their expectations.

The following information serves as an outline that details our program:

  • Quality procedures structured around the ISO 9000 principles
  • Redefined color management procedures
  • Departmental quality procedures at every step of manufacturing
  • Job Planning / Preflight of incoming materials
  • Sign-offs at each stage of production
  • Bar code scanning and testing in prepress and at presses
  • Weekly supervisors quality control meetings to monitor quality procedures and company performance
  • Customer-specific standard operating procedures available to meet individual customer requirements
  • Thorough inspection of each job before it is shipped, comparing the final product to the signed-off approval sheets
  • Continuity sheets pulled and checked based on run length
  • Testing/measuring equipment is calibrated on a regular schedule
  • Scheduled maintenance on all presses
  • Quality assurance programs designed to promote process evolution
  • Quality assurance program, procedures and documentation provided for scheduling, pre-flighting, production, palletizing, shipping and invoicing

Company Programs

  • Department managers meet weekly to review quality programs, production challenges and related opportunities for improvement
  • Quality/Process Engineering Manager
  • Revised Standard Operating Procedures manual
  • Quarterly Company Meetings
  • Evaluations - Employee Survey, "Face to Face" Employee Feedback, and Annual Employee Reviews
  • Good Catch and Bright Ideas awards presented at each company meeting
  • Color Testing for all associates
  • Technical Plant Assessment (TPS) and custom training
  • Monthly LPC e-Gram
  • Quarterly Customer Newsletter