Getting Started

New Customer Transition Plan

Our new customer transition plan can be customized to fit the specific needs of each new LPC customer.

  1. Letter from the customer sponsor outlining new partership
  2. Telephone introduction, during which a face-to-face meeting is scheduled to introduce team members from both companies
  3. What to expect at our face-to-face meeting:
    • Meet and greet between Account Executive, Customer Service Manager, Project Manager, Quality Manager, Plant Manager, and Company Sponsor with all pre-determined customer representatives.
    • Gain an understanding of history to include successes and failures of previous suppliers along with customer expectations.
    • Review roles and responsibilities of each representative from both companies.
    • Review workflow for both companies including, but not limited to, online estimating, customer service contacts, scheduling, reporting, prepress, proofing, manufacturing, press proofing, shipping requirements, and invoicing requirements.
    • Determine customer preferences for frequency of LPC account representative visits.
    • Set times for periodic reviews.   Determine expectations and reporting parameters for reviews.
    • Set parameters for status reports emailed by assigned LPC Customer Service Representative. (i.e. daily, weekly, etc.)
    • Tour facility during visit to better understand specific requirements within each department.
    • Schedule additional time with customer departments to learn more about operations in an effort to achieve an efficient, effective partnership.

What To Expect

What should our customers expect from their vendor-partners?

  1. Quality:
    • Quality procedures structured around the ISO 9000 principles
    • Departmental quality procedures at every step of manufacturing
    • Job Planning / Preflight of incoming materials
    • Scheduled equipment maintenance
  2. A Competitive Price Structure Acheived Through:
    • Low overhead
    • Efficient workflow processes
    • Leveraged material purchasing
  3. Capability:
    • Industry leading technology and equipment
    • Equipment redundancy to ensure seamless operation
  4. Customer Determined Lead Time:
    • Average lead time of 4 business days
    • 99.7% on-time delivery
  5. Service:
    • Graphic design, file manipulation, scheduled status reporting, on-site representation (by request)
    • Reviews: LPC will provide a quarterly "report card" that reviews our performance as your vendor-partner
    • Custom reporting to include order volume, lead time, error rate, job status, average delivery time, documented customer feedback, material cost analysis, and more
  6. Responsiveness:
    • A dedicated team for each customer, including an Account Executive, Project Manager, and Executive Sponsor